Life has taught me that being overly health conscious stems from the belief in disease.
The belief in disease further prevents me from being well and whole.
By allowing myself to be who I am and forsaking all ideas of who I should be, restores me to my center.

I realize that I can only heal or be whole again when I am in my center.

Healing is effortless. I cannot force the body to heal.
The power of healing can only act when I move out of its way.
Healing is allowing.

Sickness is resisting.

When I become ill, I don’t panic but know something beneficial is happening to me.
I recognize the illness is not accidental but occurs to help me come face to face with issues I am not aware of, or not in harmony with.

To heal, I open my heart to these unresolved issues by breathing them into me with gratitude.

Instead of asking what harm the disease causes me, I ask how it serves me to have this disease?

Feeling ill, I do not see myself as being weak. Instead I see the strength and courage in it—to allow such a limiting condition to come into my life so that I can learn from it and grow even stronger because of it.

Foremost of all, I don’t see myself as being a victim.

I give my body the loving attention it deserves and cannot be without.

With vibrant health and joyful sensations, my body responds to all my needs and wants.
A temple of God, my body is my playfield of all possibilities.

I treat my body like I would treat my lover or best friend.

I give it the very best of everything: fresh and wholesome food; a soothing, clean environment; comfortable clothing; uplifting sounds and colors; and, foremost of all, loving gratitude for all it is doing for me.

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